Why Should You Use SNS Dip Powder?

SNS Dip Powder

Most girls want to have neat and pretty nails. Who wouldn’t? Even guys today would even line up in the salon to have their nails trimmed even polished with colorless nail paint. Perhaps it’s the feeling of being clean that attracts anyone to having dainty hands. But more than just the squeaky-clean feel, any woman would want to make their nails a lot more happier. A shade or two always do the trick. And when it comes to the best nail polish available, one that you should have tried by now is SNS Dip Powder. But why should you use SNS dip powder?

SNS Dip Powder

Regular Polish, Gel Polish or Dip Powder: The Big Difference

There might not be any argument when it comes to strength of a polish. Of these three types of nail paints, there is no doubt that a dip powder will leave the strongest finish on the nails when done. Your regular polish is also easily recognizable as they have a strong scent that lingers whenever a bottle of regular polish is opened. Unlike the two, most dipping powder are odorless. So, if you are sensitive to scents, you won’t have to worry anymore if you would be using a dip powder, such as that from one of those formulated by Signature Nail Systems or simply SNS.

SNS: The Brand

From the brand known as Signature Nail Systems (SNS) that any nail fanatic can easily recognize comes a dipping system, which is a new form of nail enhancement. This type of nail polish is a result of the mixture of adhesive resin and a modified form of acrylic powder.

Those who have used SNS confirm that this type of nail enhancement can last longer than gels. SNS is good since it does not only make the nails look good but it can also make those claws feel good as they are lightweight after being painted on the nails. This dipping system also requires very little filing, which makes the nails a lot healthier. Your nails can also get a lot more attractive in little less time than if you would need to use a gel polish or a regular lacquer since this dipping system does not require curing to bond with the nails and form a superstrong shield over the nails.

To create professional looking nails done with SNS dipping system, you just need to prepare the surface of your nails just as you would if you will be using a different nail polish. A coat of resin is applied after the nails have been cleaned. The nails are then dipped quickly into the powder, repeating a couple more times to create the shape desired. An activator is then applied two or three times. To give the color that most appealing shine, a top coat is applied to complete the process.

Why should you use SNS Dip Powder?

If you have been shopping around for your next nail color to add to your collection or are thinking of switching to another brand or type of nail polish, you might have noticed shops have these SNS dip powder among their product offerings. It is just so obvious that this brand has become among the top brands and is considered by a majority as a great alternative to regular nail polish brands. They do come a bit pricey than most regular acrylics. That’s all due to the number of benefits that the product provides for the nails.

One of the obvious reasons is the product comes in powder form, which means much of the product can be used since it won’t get dry or thicken like its liquid alternatives. This also means a longer shelf life to your dipping powder. SNS Dip Powder are also healthy for the nails are formulated with healthy nutrients, which support nail growth. In addition to that, this product does not require curing under UV light nail lamp to dry. Since it is in powder form and contains more organic nutrients, it gives off less fumes. Finally, this brand of dipping powder is more resistant to chipping and lifting. If properly applied, your nails will look as great as it had been during the first application and up to three weeks. That means fewer visits to the salon if you require a pro to have your nails done, or only once or twice a month if you’d prefer to do it yourself.

Now if you are still undecided whether is a great option for a dipping powder for your nails, why not just give SNS Dip Powder once to see for yourself. Let us know later how it looks and feels on your fingernails.